Haven’t been posting much due to working on site. Moving to self hosted server. http://www.soniktruth.net will be new home and will still be musical. It will be new videos, music news, covers, etc. Everything music. I’m starting a more personal blog which you can possibly hear my daily rantings. It will  be “Halo of The Strange.”   Got it from a Karate song and I just went with it. It will be my art, poetry, my music, , everything I’ve written or created. The purpose of this site will be to dabble in all forms of media. From paintings to creating applications. This will be a work in progress but you’ll see me go through it step by step. Also, the music blog will soon have all podcasts available for streaming or download. I’m currently in the process to have guests available for Skype interviews. Some local artists in my area or underground artists. I don’t know how I’ll do it but I will.

You Tube 3D

Audio Player

Audio Player Default Skin

Audio Player kskin

Audio Player

Audio Player Default Skin

Radiation City – The Color Of Industry

Spider Bags – Waking Up Drunk

Sh1t Robot – Losing My Patience

YACHT – Tripped and Fell in Love

Ergo Phizmiz – Fairy Chewbacca

slap da bass

slap da bass

Tennis Bafra – nnn

Beach Fossils – “Adversity”


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