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Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod

So now I’m self hosted, right?

Well, sorta. I’ve been working on my hosted server all night and day I at least want to get a couple pages out of the way. . I upload this one plug-in…blaaahhhiow! The dashboard disappears.  Where’s everything I’ve accomplished, I ask myself. I’m looking everywhere on this server. Right when I think I find it, I am so excited…this comes up!



No Offense?

Music taste

Power Animal – Copernicus

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks

Episode 8

I just figured it out.

new icons

Overpriced icons?

Finally, I found some piece of mind. 3 days ago, I saw an iPhone-like  icon that was in the shape of an audio cassette. The only thing it was too small to actually be for iPhone. So I asked if iPhone or iPad had a similar audio cassette icons or apps. Nope! Everyone I spoked to said no and the Google machine had proven me wrong. Now today without even trying, I find these weird knick knacks on an ad. Turns out these “extra” small apps/icons are for iPod nanos. People were lying to me! Long live mixtapes! Possible 90’s podcast tomorrow. 90’s Indie pop!

extra small tapes

Wild Beasts – Albatross

Mogwai – San Pedro (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

the VACCINES – if you wanna