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soniktruth – Aztec Arsenic


podcast promo on a song I put together!

soniktruth – Stand-Up Tragedy

All I can say is war is obsolete. It’s a shame that we, a civilized society, still engage in primitive rituals called war. THe only reason is because these fat cats in fucking Washington get their palms greased for that. BS! Ozzie called it!

soniktruth – Embracing Insomnia

Another video I made for a song I put together on audiotool. When I say I wrote it, I mean put together. Anyways, I lost the ability to sleep during my father’s death. I don’t know why it affected me that way. Certain people are different, I guess. He is well missed, that’s for sure.

soniktruth – Unwelcomed Guest

Another video for a song I wrote on Audiotool. It was during my father’s death. Very hard times. The visuals may seem a bit insensitive, but, That was my therapy.

soniktruth – Heaven is Closed on Mondays (preview)

A little preview of a song I’m working on.